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Hippotragus equinus

The roan antelope is a savanna antelope found in West, Central, East and Southern Africa. Roan antelope are one of the largest species of antelopes, only Elands, Bongos and large male Kudus can exceed them in weight.

The dark tail, terminating in a black tuft, measures 54 centimetres. Characteristic features include a short and erect mane of greyish brown hair extending from the back of the neck along the midline of the back up to the rump, white patches around the eyes and the mouth on the otherwise black face, and long, narrow ears with 3–5 centimetres long tufts. The long legs are supported by large hooves.

The short, smooth coat is brown to amber. The ventral parts are yellow to white, while the neck and the mane are grey to black. The sable antelope is notably darker; it has a brownish black coat.

  230-320 kg


  135-160 cm


  230-285 cm