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Acinonyx jubatus

The cheetah is an atypical member of the cat family (Felidae) that is unique in its speed, while lacking climbing abilities. It is the fastest land animal, reaching speeds between 112 and 120 km/h (70 and 75 mph) in short bursts covering distances up to 460 m (1,510 ft), and has the ability to accelerate from 0 to 103 km/h (64 mph) in three seconds, faster than most supercars. Recent studies confirm the cheetah's status as the fastest land animal.

The cheetah is a lightly built spotted cat characterised with a small rounded head, a short muzzle, black tear-like facial streaks, a deep chest, long thin legs and a long tail. Its slender, canine form contrasts sharply with the robust build of the big cats. The coat is covered with numerous round, evenly spaced solid black spots on a tawny to creamy white or pale buff background. Each cheetah has a distinct pattern of spots that can be used to uniquely identify individuals.

  20-60 kg


  94-67 cm


  1-1.5 m