When we first resided in Namibia, we immediately fell in love with the country and the hunting farm was bought a year later and has since been continuously rebuilt and modernized with loving care to become the gem it is today. Situated in the very heart of Namibia , our AURORA hunting farm was deliberately named after the goddess of the dawn in Roman mythology, as dawn is the best time to set for hunting, either by Land Cruiser or plane.

Located just 80 km Northeast of Windhoek International Airport, our hunting farm is set amidst a fascinating natural landscape boasting a vast variety of game. A place you’ll instantly be charmed with: the old farm house, the comfortable guest houses and the refreshing pool – everything renovated with loving care and detail. No matter how you choose to spend your holidays, whether you want to relax, go horse riding, experience hunting safaris and outings or explore Namibia on a round trip: the AURORA hunting farm is the perfect place to stay and start your adventure called Namibia.